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Carbon Reduction = Green Web Design

Leaving a small carbon footprint is easy, especially for a web design firm. Here are six simple steps you can take that will not require a penny:

Steps you can take to reduce energy consupmtion, thereby saving your business money and helping your fellow human beings breath better at the same time:

1. Set your PC to standby if it is not used for 15 minutes

2. Turn off PC and printer at the end of the day, everyday. This can save your buisness up to $60/PC each year.

3. Turn off the AC and heater during off hours.

4. Think before you print, and use both sides of the paper when posible.

5. Recycle, all it takes is a second trash can labeled correctly.

6. Carpool and bike when possible.

We believe all web design firms should be green, reduce their carbon footprint and act environmentally responsible.



Carbon reduction & Green Web Design

  Carbon Reduction
  Environmental Involvement
  Volunteer Work

         It is truly a pleasure to work with etensiveMEDIA. I loved the fast response & turnaround time! They took our website to another level, graphically along with SEO. Highly recommended!  
  Dr. Nicole Vane, DMD
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