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Green Web Design San Diego

Being a green web design firm takes no more effort than being a non-green web design firm, all it takes is employing green habits.

Most web design firms can lay a claim to being green because they do not mine resources, assemble or manufacture hardware. The truth is, living and working in a modern society, regardless of your industry produces greenhouse gases. The solution is to limit your carbon footprint. Here's how etensiveMEDIA limits our carbon footprint:

1. Use CFL light bulbs

2. Turn off all PC and printer when not in use.

3. Turn off the surge protectors for all PC when not in use.

4. We do not run the AC and heater; whos needs to whne you're so close to the shore?

5. Only print documents when absolutely necessary.

6. Recycle.

We believe all businesses and web design firms should be green companies, reduce their carbon footprint and act environmentally responsible.



Green Web Design San Diego

  Carbon Reduction
  Environmental Involvement
  Volunteer Work

         It is truly a pleasure to work with etensiveMEDIA. I loved the fast response & turnaround time! They took our website to another level, graphically along with SEO. Highly recommended!  
  Dr. Nicole Vane, DMD
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